• Create .cab file to install your OWA certificate on Windows Mobile device

    If your company uses exchange Activesync to allow users to synchronize their email boxes with Windows Mobile or Activesync enabled OSs. Some companies might use its own SSL certificate that is signed by internal CA so when mobile device user tries to configure his mobile to sync, he will need to install the root cert… Read More »

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  • Installing SQL Cluster in Windows 2008

    Installation of Cluster service consists of certain stages 1- Configure Hardware(shared Storage, Heartbeat NIC) 2- Install Failover Cluster feature 3- Create Cluster Group   4- Add shared Hardware 5- Install SQL 2005 6- Install SQL 2005 SP2 Here below some details.   Install Failover Cluster through Add features   Create Cluster Group Add shared disk… Read More »

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  • Installing SQL 2005 on Windows 2008 Cluster

    The error above because of compatibility with SQL 2005 so you have to install SQL 2005 SP1 minimum

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