A recent IDC survey shows that a sure way for organizations of every size and industry to manage digital transformation is to scale up their DevOps practices.

Jen Thomson, IDC Research Director, presents the survey findings and a blueprint to accelerate your journey to Enterprise-scale DevOps, in this live webinar.

Discover how your organization can transition from ‘DevOps Distracted’ to ‘DevOps Determined’, and how our Enterprise DevOps portfolio can help your organization make that journey.

Join this webinar to learn:
• How and why IDC classifies organizations into two distinct groups: The protagonists of DevOps, called ‘DevOps Determined’; and those struggling to scale DevOps, called ‘DevOps Distracted’
• How to transition to a ‘DevOps Determined’ organization
• How the Micro Focus Enterprise DevOps portfolio helps organizations to build and deliver better software faster, and enables them to become ‘DevOps Determined’ on their journey to enterprise-scale DevOps

Live webinar: 26 February, 12:00 – 12:45 CET

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He is working as a presales expert in Micro Focus serving the international community.

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