HP Operations manager prior to version 8, managed node are monitored through Agent uses RPC/DCE communication, which had lots of issues as it is unsecured communication and communication configuration headache for the Agent and Server through firewall

In HP Operations Manager 8  and later a new Agent is introduced called HTTP agent which uses encrypted HTTPs certificate-based communication to secure the data and uses only single port for the communication between OM and Agents ( TCP 383 by default)

So organizations with DCE Agents should be change the agent to HTTPS based to leverage the new features. the process is quite simple as the Administrator should access the Node Editor and Change the agent

To change the agent type

Open Node Editor by Right click Server Node > Configure > Node

Select Node and right click select Change Agent


This process will performs deployment operation as the following steps:

  1. Removes all packages and policies that are currently installed on the node.
  2. Deletes the server inventory for packages for the specified node, but keeps the server inventory for policies.
  3. Changes the agent type, binary format, or both of the node in WMI.
  4. Deploys the new binary of the HP Operation agent to the node.
  5. Redeploys all policies that were previously installed on the node (they are still in the server inventory) to the node. The additional agent packages and the instrumentation that is required by these policies are automatically deployed first.

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