• Add entries to the hosts file in Kubernetes

    If you have gone through deploying your applications on Kubernetes, you will realize how Kubernetes relies heavily on DNS and you may notice that Kubernetes has a local DNS service that takes care of DNS related activities. This DNS service is used by Kubernetes master nodes to locate worker nodes, and for sure if your… Read More »

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  • Tip: Solving Kubernetes workers moved to unschedulable nodes

    Today, I have seen that my kubernetes cluster was switched to cordon mode, where all nodes suddenly become not supporting pod scheduling. I thought to share the commands and sample of the screen outputs. https://kubernetes.io/docs/tasks/administer-cluster/safely-drain-node/ First, I have listed the pods and I found many pods are in a pending state, this means that Kubernetes… Read More »

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  • Business Value Dashboard overview and end-to-end dashboard creation

    BVD can display online information such as internet news feeds, live programs, and streaming videos—in dashboard views.

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  • Tips: Using Linux installation DVD as yum source

    In the old days, software applications are distributed as source code and to install it to your Linux box, you will need to compile it. there is a famous command called make install Linux companies like Redhat invented a better way to distribute the applications which what we call it packages. Redhat introduced Redhat Package… Read More »

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  • ITMthoughts Tips: Fixing network issue that prevents Docker (Windows Server 2018) service from starting automatically

    This article is part of TIPs and Tricks section of ITM Thoughts and is following the previous article about installing Docker on Windows Server 2016, you can read this article on this link http://www.itmthoughts.com/2018/06/installing-docker-on-windows-server-2016/

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  • Installing Docker on Windows Server 2016

    To install docker on Windows Server 2016, you need to run few commands, and you will get things ready for your containerization world. I will share with you the installation steps and some docker commands and then the errors  (another article) that I have faced during this process. Windows Server 2016 shipped with Docker Enterprise… Read More »

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  • Integrate SA with vCenter Appliance for Managing Virtualization Services

    Micro Focus Server Automation (SA) today is part of Data Center Automation (DCA) Suite which can help customer to helps in automating provisioning, patching, and compliance across servers, databases, and middleware. DCA today has a sort of Manager or Managers approach to protect customer’s investment in other tools, SA still plays a great role in… Read More »

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  • Having Wireless Bluetooth in Windows 7

    I have HP laptop and I purchased a new Bluetooth Jebra and I was trying to connect it to Windows 7 and it was connected but no sound is getting out of Jebra. I investigated and I found that Microsoft is not supporting Wireless Bluetooth by default, you have to install vendor specific drivers. Anyway,… Read More »

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  • Enable root access to SSH sessions in Solaris

    When  Solaris 10 or 11 is installed, by default root can not login from remote machine but normal users can login and can choose to switch to admin using su or sudo. Root users remote access is disabled on the SSH daemon SSHD level, so simple modify sshd_config file located in /etc/ssh/sshd_config Locate a line… Read More »

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  • HP iLO for iPhone and iPad

    HP® iLO Mobile Toolbox provides access to the console of your HP ProLiant® server from your iPhone or iPad. Since it interacts directly with the HP Integrated Lights-Out (HP iLO) chip on ProLiant servers, this mobile app gives you total control over your server at all times. It can be healthy or it can be… Read More »

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