Windows 7 Articles:
  1. How to Boot your Machine from VHD using Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2
  2. How to convert VHD for Windows 7 to be used in Microsoft PC and Hyper-V
WMI Articles:

I have also added a new series of articles under the name of "What is WMI" to give you a solid background WMI and Powershell.
I started  by describing Microsoft Management Strategy then I will later describe what is WMI and how to retrieve data from WMI using vbscript and Powershell Plus some details Powershell v1 and v2 and finally WS-Management.

Powershell Articles:

I have added some technical Articles about Powershell; I will rewrite it all later this month because all the articles below are based on Hyper-V role in Windows 2008 and the articles I will add will be related to generic use not require certain component.

  1. Using powershell in article named  Just touching Powershell
  2. Creating VHD files by using PowerShell Creating Dynamically Expanded VHD using Powershell
  3. How to Mount VHD to your Physical machine How to Mount Disks to your physical Machine using Powershell
  4. In details powershell how to use its commandlets and attributes and how to excutes different methods Creating Differencing VHD using Powershell; read it to the end
  5. Article for People that they rapidly change the locations for parent VHD files Reconnect VHD Parent Disk
  6. How to create functions "something like commandlet" in powershell Creating Functions in PowerShell

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