• Get DCA’s High-Value Features for No Cost With Our Customer Appreciation Program

    In this webinar they will got through how to get that free upgrade and what benefits you can get by having DCA as well as SA integrated.

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  • Register Now: Cloud Monitoring Virtual Customer Forum is happening in less than a day

    The first Micro Focus Cloud Monitoring Virtual Customer Forum is your chance to connect with your peers worldwide and hear about exciting new developments around Cloud Monitoring with Operations Bridge.

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  • CMS Virtual Customer Forum

    On December 9th, Micro Focus will hold for the first time a virtual customer forum for their Configuration Management System (CMS) which is built on top of famous Universal Discovery and their uCMDB technologies. Here is the link, I have received for registration. Some details about the event as received: Get an analyst perspective on… Read More »

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  • Add entries to the hosts file in Kubernetes

    If you have gone through deploying your applications on Kubernetes, you will realize how Kubernetes relies heavily on DNS and you may notice that Kubernetes has a local DNS service that takes care of DNS related activities. This DNS service is used by Kubernetes master nodes to locate worker nodes, and for sure if your… Read More »

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  • Migrate your Windows and Linux Servers to Microsoft Azure

    This PlateSpin Migrate demo video we provide a complete overview of the migration workflow when migrating Windows and Linux servers to Microsoft Azure. All migration steps are covered, from initial full replication to cutover

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  • Tip: Solving Kubernetes workers moved to unschedulable nodes

    Today, I have seen that my kubernetes cluster was switched to cordon mode, where all nodes suddenly become not supporting pod scheduling. I thought to share the commands and sample of the screen outputs. https://kubernetes.io/docs/tasks/administer-cluster/safely-drain-node/ First, I have listed the pods and I found many pods are in a pending state, this means that Kubernetes… Read More »

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  • Installing SiteScope on Docker

    Installing SiteScope on Docker is just one command check this post and let me know your feedback.

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  • Operations Bridge 2019.05 Technical Awareness Webinar

    We are excited to announce the release of Operations Bridge 2019.05 that will cover updates not only to Containers-based edition but also to Operations Bridge Manager and SiteScope classic installation, nevertheless covering more components like Connectors and Management Packs, COSO and more excited enhancement.

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  • What’s New in Service Management Automation X 2019.05

    Join us on this webcast and see how this latest release of Service Management Automation X (SMAX) turns the virtual agent into a smart virtual agent and expands its Enterprise Service Management (ESM) usage.

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  • Micro Focus Hybrid Cloud Management Demo

    This demo has an overview of the following topics:
    Built-in Service Designer
    Operations Orchestration Web Studio
    Cloud Service Brokering and Governance
    New Brown to Manage command line tool

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