I am trying to uninstall a product I have recently added to my Windows and i tried to access the normal way of uninstallation

which you can go Control PanelProgramsPrograms and Features


The problem is that the product I am trying to uninstall is not displayed there, although the product is available in the start menu


So I will use Powershell and WMI to uninstall it

gwmi win32_product


gwmi win32_product -filter "name=’HP ProtectTools Security Manager’"


now I will try to find what is the available methods that we can use with this class

I can write gwmi win32_product -filter "name=’HP ProtectTools Security Manager’" |gm or gwmi win32_product |gm


to call a method you have attach your command to a variable then call the varable.method()

to attach it to variable type $varname=the command

$product=gwmi win32_product -filter "name=’HP ProtectTools Security Manager’"

Now we can attach Uninstall method to the variable


this should work fine but as I am tring this example on Windows 7 it gave me return value of 1603 it means some thing that is not 0 (normal exit)


I investigated the problem and I found as usual the application is running under non elevated privilege I should select Run as Administrator.


I did so and I tried the command again and it gave me return value of Zero.


Article Code

1 $product=get-wmiobject win32_product -filter "Vendor=’Hewlett-Packard’"
2 $product.uninstall()

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